seo for travel blog writing

Writing a travel blog with SEO in mind

Today, the internet is filled with so many travel websites that regularly post travel blog content. If you own a travel blog, then is it highly relevant for you to have a decent knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing, why SEO is so important to the growth of your blog and how to apply it to optimize your travel blog content. Meaning And Benefits Of SEO SEO means Search Engine Optimization; it helps websites rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the keywords that mostly relate to your business. For you not to lose a substantial amount of[…]

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visiting new orleans

7 Things to do in New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans on your coming vacation? We all know there is fun stuff to do in this lovely and fine city, but what are some of the best things to do? Well, luckily, we’ve reviewed below the best places for you to visit throughout your stay in the city. Mardi Gras So many people visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras. This festival is also called “Fat Tuesday” and is held traditionally to celebrate the start of Lent. And New Orleans is truly the place to be if you want to experience Mardi Gras to the fullest! St. Louis Cemetery[…]

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Visiting Strasbourg in a Day

Top things to do in Strasbourg in a day! The city of Strasbourg, located on the eastern border of France, is one that might seem daunting to do if you have a limited amount of time. With its thousands of years of history, sprawling cultural grasp, and never ending dining scene, Strasbourg will be a necessary and jam-packed stop on your European tour. Like with most traveling, you probably won’t have endless amounts of time to spend in the city. Here, I’ll break down what an ideal day in Strasbourg would look like, helping you get your bearings and making sure[…]

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Best beaches to go to while visiting thailand

5 Of my favorite beaches in Thailand

Railay Beach Since it isn’t possible to drive to this beach – it’s only accessible by sea – it stays pretty clear of tourists. One of the picture perfect beaches in Thailand, Railay Beach offers the famed white sand that thailand is so famous for. You can either rent a boat yourself or pay for a guide to bring you here. Railay is great for relaxing, catching some sun and just hanging out as it is quite peaceful. You can stay the night here as well in one of the number of small hotels or B&B’s available for rent here.[…]

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backpackers packing list

What to pack for a year long trip around the world

Essential and unessential items- how do I decide? After traveling for such an extended period of time, I have learned through my experience (and sometimes the hard way!) that it is almost always better to pack less than more, and that a lot of the things we think we really need, we actually don’t. Here I will give you a quick overview on some of the things I would (and some I wouldn’t) take with me if I were just starting out on an around the world trip again. Less is more These days, I always aim to pack as[…]

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zion national park travel guide

Visiting Zion National Park, Utah USA

One of the most visited national parks I recently visited Zion National Park this autumn for the first time, and how I was blown away! Zion is a massive canyon, in the southern portion of the US state of Utah. Whether you are into hiking or not, the views you can get of this amazing landscape are good no matter where you are inside the canyon. I loved my trip to Zion National Park so much that I wanted to be able to share here with you to get you excited too. Being one of the most popular national parks[…]

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learning to take great travel photos

8 Travel photography tips and tricks

1. Research before shooting I always like to scout out a location for best shots and angles a day or so before I actually go out shooting. If you are going to take pictures of famous locations (think the eiffel tower, the great pyramids, etc) you can do a bit of background research before even getting to the location. Good research is essential for becoming great a travel photography. Hint: this is great to do while in the plane or on layovers! You can use the internet to do some virtual scouting beforehand, looking to see the angles other photographers[…]

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5 of the best things to see while visiting venice

5 Best things to see in Venice

Welcome to my first post! Today I’ve got a list of 5 of the best sites to see while visiting Venice. These are must sees for sure and should not be missed. If you want to learn a bit more about me, head on over to this page. I hope you enjoy the article and don’t forget to share it! Saint Mark’s Basilica Since 1092 St. Mark’s Basilica has been one of the most important religious buildings in Italy. Definitely the most famous building in Venice, St. Mark’s is truly an amazing piece of architecture. The artwork, sculptures, and ornately[…]

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