A Caribbean paradise: St. John USVI

A magical escape to a tropical paradise in the united states virgin islands

I am planning my next trip to the United States Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix make up these stunning islands. Although like the rest of the Caribbean the USVIs are recovering from the most recent devastating hurricane season, I think now is an even better time to visit. Tourism is the life blood of these islands, and by planning trips we can help the locals get back on their feet.

I have not yet been the the Virgin Islands, but I’ve heard only good things. I am hoping that the damage to the reefs has not been too bad. I plan to take part in the world class scuba diving that exists here. I’ve heard that the plethora of tropical fish rivals that of even the most popular dive locations in Thailand and beyond.

Besides scuba diving, the St. John is home to Virgin Islands National Park, although it might be a bit barren and regrowing. The trek to get to St. John can be quite a long one. First you must fly in to Puerto Rico, and from there get on a smaller “island hopper” over to St. Thomas. Here you will get a taxi to the dock and hopefully be in time to catch a ferry over to St. John.

After arriving in St. John, I plan to stay in Cruz Bay (the “main town”) on the island, before taking off to explore for a week. I am hoping to be able to find places to stay as I make my way slowly around the island over the course of the week. Renowned for its wildlife, St. John is bound to hold great adventures in store. On recommendation of my good friend Peter in Colorado who owns a concrete repair company called PURlevel I plan to stay at least one night at Cinnamon Bay Resort.

Stay tuned for pictures! Although I may not upload while I am there, I will be sure to after the trip!