About The Nomad

Bernard Internesti travels the world

I’m Bernard Internesti, a world traveler and nomad. I have been traveling for the last six years, on and off, and consistently for the last 2.5. Originally from the UK, I have lived all over the world in such places as: Bali, Indonesia, Greece, Chile, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and India. While traveling, when I happen upon a place and an opportunity arises for me to stay I will often do so. I have been able to create a life by living from place to place, just like our ancestors did.

When it became apparent to me at that it was possible for me to live a life on the road,  I jumped at the opportunity.  I have figured out how to live and travel continuously, through short term work, work exchanges, making money online, and travel hacking, I am now able to live the life I want, and you can too!

In order to be able to realize your capacity for accomplishment, one must be aware of what they want out of life. After spending significant time with the monks in Tibet and India, I have gained the knowledge and skills to be able to realize and create my own destiny. By constantly seeking to become better and focusing my mind, I am able to understand what truly guides me. I too can help you find this focus, just reach out!

Travel  is true freedom

What I love most about travel, and more so the life on the road, is the freedom that this type of lifestyle allows. While living as a nomad, you are free to do whatever you like, whenever you like. I have found that this freedom is one of the keys to happiness for me. The ability to decide to make friends with a local farmer, offer to trade work for a place to stay and a plate of food is something that not many people from western civilizations today will be able to experience. I consider myself lucky to be able to choose when and where I want to work, stay, eat and sleep.

I hope that with this blog, I will be able to share with those who are interested, insight into my life as a world wandering nomad. I wish to impart the knowledge of how it is possible to do anything you like, and how easy it is to move from place to place, supporting yourself through the tactics I’ve described. I hope to offer a resource where people can come to gain knowledge and motivation to start creating a life for themselves.