Visiting Strasbourg in a Day

Top things to do in Strasbourg in a day!

The city of Strasbourg, located on the eastern border of France, is one that might seem daunting to do if you have a limited amount of time. With its thousands of years of history, sprawling cultural grasp, and never ending dining scene, Strasbourg will be a necessary and jam-packed stop on your European tour.

Like with most traveling, you probably won’t have endless amounts of time to spend in the city. Here, I’ll break down what an ideal day in Strasbourg would look like, helping you get your bearings and making sure you hit all the best spots.

To start your morning, head to Le Michel Café Brasserie on Avenue de la Marseillaise. Enjoy a cappuccino and fresh and warm pain au chocolat (or two!). I promise you, there is no better way to start your morning in this charming city.

After you get your jolt of energy, take a walk down by the river. While you won’t want to go for a swim, you’ll see families of ducks, trees dripping into the water, and bridges with beautiful iron work. From the river you can get a great view of the floral installations as well as the quaint architecture that is so iconic for Strasbourg.

End your river walk right by the Cathedral and grab a bottle of water for your climb to the top. The thousand year old gothic cathedral is a true wonder to behold. It was the tallest building in the world from 1647 to 1874 and still remains to be a focal point in Strasbourg. Inside the functioning Cathedral, you will see exquisite stained glass and stone work, as well as an astronomical clock that is a marvel unto itself. The climb to the top platform is steep, but worth it as you are able to walk amongst the buttresses and archways, peering out the windows until you reach the observation platform. The view of Strasbourg is unparalleled from this site. On a clear day, you are even able to see to the Black Forest in Germany.

After your trip to the Cathedral, I suggest making your way to Academie de la Biere for lunch. Here, you are able to have some of the best tarte flambee in Strasbourg, a local specialty (and for good reason!). Ask for an additional basket of fries and you won’t be sorry.

The afternoon in Strasbourg, like many european cities, is often slow and languid. Take advantage of this by visiting the Palais Rohan, situated right next to the Cathedral. This actual palace housed many of the big names in French history, including Louis XV and Napoleon. Now, the palace has been converted into a world-class institution of three different museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Archaeology. All three museums are worth the visit and time, and I hope you don’t pass up the opportunity to experience both the exhibits and the palace itself.

After your museum visits, head to Chez Franchi for dinner at 7:00. This restaurant is located near the European Parliament building and the Parc de l’orangerie. Ask if his special risotto is available and pair it with a light moscato. He is an institution in Strasbourg and the warmth and hospitality you’ll feel while at his restaurant will make you want to eat there forever.

After dinner, take a boat tour of the city. You get to see all different sectors and learn about the history over an hour and a half cruise along the rivers. Make sure you also make time for gelato at Amorino’s and to watch the light show on the Place de l’Universite before September 2nd.

Your day in Strasbourg will be nonstop- but the city has way too much to offer to not take advantage of her beautiful sights and activities.