Writing a travel blog with SEO in mind

Today, the internet is filled with so many travel websites that regularly post travel blog content. If you own a travel blog, then is it highly relevant for you to have a decent knowledge of SEO and Digital Marketing, why SEO is so important to the growth of your blog and how to apply it to optimize your travel blog content.

Meaning And Benefits Of SEO SEO means Search Engine Optimization; it helps websites rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the keywords that mostly relate to your business. For you not to lose a substantial amount of potential customers, your website has to rank high enough for your business’s keyword.

Interestingly, travelers still prefer using search engines for their trip planning process even though there are big companies like airbnb.com, booking.com and so on.

The following steps can be taken to optimize your travel website and rank high on search engines:

1.  Homepage SEO: It is imperative to optimize your homepage as it is the most important page on your site. To properly optimize your travel blog, Google should be given several signals on the name of the business, what it is about and the area of operation. The description should also be SEO friendly and eye-catching as it shows up on the search results when users search for your business. 

2.  Local SEO: To optimize your travel blog content, you have to use local SEO because it will show users your website when they search by location or when searching close to your physical business location. For local SEO to be effective, you have to verify your business address by creating a Google My Business account. Add relevant information like the description, some pictures, and contact information. Add your local address and schema information to your homepage. Go to other local and trusted websites to get useful links from them. 

3.  Property Page SEO: optimizing your travel blog will require you using property page SEO. This will help customers to have adequate information about the properties listed and quicken the decision-making process. To properly optimize your travel blog’s property page, you have to include a description of the property, the services and facilities offered, a photo gallery showing what the property looks like and contact details.  Using the above-listed techniques for your travel blog content writing will guarantee an adequate search engine optimized website which will, in turn, bring more traffic to your blog and grow your business.